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Lets think, question, debate, innovate and act together

while tackling the climate crisis.

As the Istanbul Climate Academy, we believe in the urgency to unite in order to transform society towards a low carbon future. We will contribute through our blogs, podcasts, research, trainings and projects to increase awareness and competencies.

We are excited at the prospect of sharing our knowledge and expertise with professionals and citizens alike who are inspired to learn how climate change impacts the world we live in and what we can do about it.

The Paris Accord* is the driving principle of the Istanbul Climate Academy.  It is a landmark International Accord which adopted by almost 200 countries and thus unites almost all the world's nations to solve the climate crisis.

The Academy wholeheartedly supports the official theme of COP26**: “Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change” and will align its resources in support of it.

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Who can be a Part of the Climate Academy?

The Academy engages businesses, policymakers, scientists, youth, concerned citizens, vulnerable groups and journalists on a range of issues touching on climate change and sustainable development.

Everyone who strives to attain to mobilize and act for a low carbon future.
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Are you curious and feel the need to ask questions about the climate crisis?