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Professionals from the Private Sector, Public Agencies, NGOs and Academia

Languages Required

Turkish and English


3 hours, 1 module


Large-scale investments are much needed to significantly reduce the GHG emissions hence mitigate climate change.  In addition, investments mainly in agriculture and infrastructure are critical to adapt the adverse effects and physical challenges by climate change.  This can only be effectively done by innovating finance to meet the need for these investments.  It also imperative to transform the understanding of financial and economic feasibility by including long-term costs and benefits.  In this course, we will learn the essentials of climate finance, use of innovative financial tools for financing climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as ways of mobilizing public and private finance towards climate change projects.

Course Contents

Part  –1: What is climate finance? What is new? What are typical projects? (1 hr 30 minutes)

Part –2: Innovative Climate Finance:  Sources, Methods and Application (Case studies) (1 hr 30 minutes)

Upcoming Dates

This course is divided into xx days, xx hours each day.

Dates between: xxxxxx - xxxxxx

Time: Classes start at xx every xxx.

Course Lecturers


Gediz KAYA

görevi veya unvan


CPIdan biri

görevi veya unvan

Guest Lecturer


Barbara Buchner

görevi veya unvan

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